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When cleaning your staircase, you require the best vacuum for stairs so that you will not have much difficulty.

Given that there are numerous items in the market today, picking the right one that will fulfill your expectations may not be a piece of cake.

As an outcome of this, we have assembled this guide which will go a long way in helping you to get the very best vacuum for stairs in the UK.

Here are the top 10 vacuum for stairs examines 2020 in the UK.

1. Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld Vacuum For Stairways

Our leading choice is the Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld vacuum which comes with abundant features that will make stair cleaning up a kid’s play for you. The Dyson digital motor V7 powers it, which is why its suction is unrivalled. You will love its 2-tier radial cyclones which guarantees that all debris and dirt are effectively recorded.

With a battery runtime of 30 minutes, you can complete your stair cleaning in good time before thinking of a recharge. This stair vacuum has a dust bin that is very simple to empty. You just require to press a button to empty the container, thereby avoiding contact with dirt. There is a small motorised tool for getting rid of animal hair and dust that are deeply rooted.

What’s more, there are essential accessories that come with this vacuum for stairs and floorings. The mix tool is among the devices enabling you to change from one surface area to another. There is likewise a crevice tool that makes it easier for you to reach extremely tight corners. Likewise, you will get access to two power modes so that you will have the ability to accomplish the very best cleansing result.

You can switch to a higher cleaning mode when you are handling hard stains. On the other hand, the low cleansing mode will assist to conserve the life of your battery so that regular altering will be prevented. You must consider the Dyson portable vacuum if you desire the finest vacuum for stairs without jeopardizing quality.

Key Functions:

Powerful suction guaranteed, thanks to the Dyson digital motor V7.
2-tier radial cyclones for helpful dirt recording.
Easy-to-empty bin with simply a press of a button.
30 minutes of runtime, making sure adequate protection before going for a recharge.
Devices of high quality such as the crevice and combination tools for easy cleaning of all surfaces.
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2. Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal -Best Stick Vacuum For Stairways

Our 3rd best recommended cordless vacuums for carpeted stairs is the Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal. It includes a high suction power which ensures that you get the very best cleansing performance at all times. With a Torque-Drive cleaner head, optimum dust elimination is ensured from carpets on your stairs.

This maker comes with 3 power modes so that you can control how you clean based on flooring type. It is a 2-in-1 vacuum which can be utilized as a stick vacuum along with a handheld vacuum. As an outcome of this, you can utilize it to clean different types of surfaces for the most satisfactory cleansing outcome. You will likewise love its mini-motorised tool, that makes the elimination of family pet hair as well as dirt from upholstery and carpets a child’s play.

It has a dust bin that can rapidly be cleared with point and shoot, making it a sanitary machine to utilize for great deals of cleaning functions. With a bin volume of 0.2 gallons, you can attain more before thinking about the evacuation of the bin. An entirely sealed filtering system makes sure that 99.9% of particles are trapped, even those as little as 0.3 microns. This will guarantee that you have cleaner air during and after vacuuming your stairs.


Likewise, it has a lightweight design and that is why it can be manoeuvred without much stress. You wouldn’t wish to miss out on the 60-minute runtime of this stick vacuum which ensures that regular recharging is prevented for the finest cleaning outcomes. If you are looking for the best handheld vacuum for stairs, you must try this 2-in-1 vac.

Key Features:

Surefire runtime of 20 minutes, but when you are not utilizing a motorised tool, you can get a runtime of 60 minutes.
Light-weight for simple manoeuvre on stairs.
Instantaneous release trigger conserves battery power for effective cleaning.
Torque drive cleaner head guarantees that deep dirt is captured.
Changes into a portable in a twinkle of an eye.

3. BISSELL SpotClean PRO– Best For Carpeted Stairs

Since of its fantastic functions, the BISSELL SpotClean PRO is an item we can vouch for. It is a portable cleaner that combines strong vacuum suction, cleaning solution and brushing action to provide a radiant finish that will not stop to thrill you. It eliminates tough stains on your stairs without enabling you to go through a difficult cleansing procedure.

This machine comes separate tanks for tidy and dirty water so that the very best performance can be realized. With a power cord that is 7 metres long, you can reach every part of a staircase without much hassle. This will go a long method in ensuring that every part of the action is reached and effectively cleaned up.

Likewise, it is compactly designed allowing you to save the machine with ease. There are a pipe and cord storage compartment on this stair vac permitting you to keep it as slim as possible. It uses strong suction, formula and water to offer the best cleansing and security for soft surfaces. Its huge robust stain tool guarantees that discolorations and areas are eliminated, no matter their stubbornness.

Its slim profile is likewise a plus making sure that it fits perfectly to each step of your stairs so that you can clean successfully. Apart from using this device to clean your stairs, you can likewise utilize it to clean your cars and truck interiors, upholstery, carpets, carpets and so on.

Secret Functions:

Detached, unclean and tidy water tanks for reliable cleansing.
Long power cord with arrangement for cord storage so that your staircase, carpets, carpets and vehicle upholstery can be quickly cleaned.
Enormous tough stain tool for reliable elimination of stains and spots.
Slim profile for simple manoeuvring.
Perfect for cleaning up vehicle interiors.

4. Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum (35-foot cord With 15 Feet Reach).

If you want the very best hoover for stairs that will not disappoint you at any time, you require the Dyson Ball Animal 2 Powerful Upright Vacuum. It has a suction power of 306 AW, which is among the highest in the market. With a power cord of 20 feet, you can achieve the highest cleansing reach of as much as 50 feet.

There is a filter that is washable for its entire life time, and this will go a long way in lowering your maintenance expenses. This vacuum for pets and stairs likewise includes the ball innovation which ensures convenient guiding for the most satisfying outcomes.

Likewise, you will like the Epicyclic Drive technology of this machine which ensures that all dirt is gotten. A tough motorised brush is in location with a direct drive motor for deep cleansing of carpets. This upright vacuum can be used for several cleansing functions so that your home will be radiantly tidy.

What’s more, Designed with the redial root cyclone technology, the Dyson ball animal 2 family pet hair vacuum ensures recording tiny dust effectively. Clearing its dust bin is really simple as you just require to push a button and you are excellent to go. It gets rid of family pet hair with the aid of the counter-rotating brush heads.

Key Functions:.

Easy to guide with the aid of advanced ball technology.
Epicyclic carpet head which is motorised to achieve deep clean carpet.
Root cyclone technology makes sure that all dirt, along with allergens, are caught no matter their size.
Includes a tangle-free brush so that animal hair can be removed with ease.
Crevice tool for simple reach of hard locations.

5. SEBO Automatic Upright Stair Vacuum– 6 Meters Long Cleaning Up Hose Pipe.

This upright vacuum is powered by an 890-watt motor for boosted efficiency. It is a trusted item that can be utilized to clean your stairs at all times without getting a negative outcome. It makes usage of a computer system control system which makes sure that the brush is at the right height at all times. This goes a long method in guaranteeing that high performance is optimized which eventually results in the most satisfying outcome. Since it shuts down the motor when a blockage happens in the system, the computer system control system likewise safeguards the vacuum cleaner.

The SEBO Automatic Upright Vacuum comes with a trademarked integrated wand for enhanced reach. You will also enjoy its brush roller elimination system which makes your cleaning process a stroll in the park. There is a searchlight that makes sure that dark areas are illuminated to prevent any covert place for dirt.

This maker has a pipe that is 6 metres long enabling you to reach every part of your stairs. With a 10-metre power cable, nothing is stopping you from leaving all the dirt on your staircase no matter where they lie. This implies that you will not be altering power points to get a maximum reach.

SEBO Upright vacuum uses strengthened toothed belts that will not slip or extend loaning credence to its durability. It can work when flat which is why it can reach below your furniture as well as other hard-to-reach locations for a best tidy.

Secret Features:.

Powered by an 890-watt motor for achieving the very best result.
The computer system control system guarantees that an upgraded performance is achieved.
S-Class purification system for clean air throughout and after cleaning.
Adjustable height for ease of operation.
Comes with leading devices like upholstery nozzle, cleaning brush, stair cleansing hose, and so on for a perfect surface.

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6. Gtech Multi MK2 Handheld Vacuum.



If you desire a light-weight, noiseless vacuum for cleaning your stairs, there is no other item to think about than the Gtech Multi MK2 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. It is compactly constructed which is why you can store it without much tension. Weighing simply 1.5 kg when utilized with the nozzle, this is an ideal maker for you to get because it is very easy to manoeuvre.

It has an extension tube that makes cleansing of cobwebs a kid’s play. You will like its power head which is why you can clean your staircase with the best ease. Strengthened with important accessories like the crevice tool which helps in reaching corners while the cleaning brush assists in cleansing vehicle interiors and upholstery. As a result of this, the Gtech Multi MK2 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner has multipurpose usage.

With a charging time of 4 hours and runtime of 20 minutes, this is an ideal device for you if you desire your cleaning expectations to be consulted with ease. Its 22-volt lithium-ion battery is a plus and that is why you are guaranteed top efficiency with little effort.

A LED display screen is also consisted of so that you will be able to monitor the power level of the device. This will assist you manage your cleaning jobs for the most acceptable outcome. What’s more, it’s waste disposal system is easy to evacuate by simply flipping a latch.

Secret Features:.

Lightweight design for simple manoeuvring.
Vital devices like the crevice tool, cleaning brush and extension tubes enhance your performance.
Easy to save since of its compact design.
Sufficient runtime of 20 minutes, thanks to the removable 22V lithium-ion battery.
LED display for examining the level of power.

7. BLACK+DECKER PD1820L-GB PD1820L Handheld Vacuum.

The BLACK+DECKER PD1820L-GB PD1820L Handheld Vacuum is a cordless vac that cleans your stairs without giving you much tension. It is powered by 1700-watt motor guaranteeing that you get the very best cleansing results with less effort. It features a 1.5-metre versatile pipe which enables you to reach part of your stairs.

You can also utilize this maker to tidy other locations in your house including tops of curtains, picture frames, lampshades, cabinets and so on. It eliminates all particles consisting of animal hair, dirt, dust, amongst others. You will also love its flip-out brush which perfects for tackling dirt on delicate materials such as vents, lampshades and so on.

This device is powered by a 15-volt lithium-ion battery for the most impressive performance. You will like its runtime of 15 minutes allowing you to get done your job before choosing a recharge. A best filtration system remains in place to avoid obstructing and boosting pick-up efficiency.

Additionally, this machine is compactly developed enabling you to keep in your house without taking too much space. Its lightweight will impress you and that is why you can manoeuvre it on your stairs without much tension. Its removable debris bowl is simple to empty and it is translucent so that you will know when to empty it.

Key Features:.

Surefire 15 minutes of runtime, thanks to the 18V lithium-ion battery.
Lightweight design and that is why it is easy to manoeuvre.
Compactly designed for ease of storage.
Long versatile hose for reaching tough places.
Large dust bowl that is easy to empty.
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8. Hoover Jovis+ Long Corded Handheld Vacuum for Stairways.

You should lay your hands on the Hoover Jovis+ Long Corded Handheld Vacuum if you desire a machine that will clean your stairs with utmost accuracy. This is an item with rich features that can turn cleaning into fun, particularly in today’s stressful world. It is strengthened with a 550-watt motor so that the intensive spot vacuuming you have always desired will be attained without much trouble.

With a 6-metre cord, you will get access to continuous cleansing without looking occasionally for power points. This will ensure that every part of your stair is covered without overlooking any dirt. Likewise, it has a pets turbo brush so that you can effect deep cleansing on your drapes, carpets and couches.

What’s more, this maker with extra tools that will make your cleansing effort the most successful. A crevice tool will allow you to reach tight areas while a hose pipe will assist you in performing above-floor cleansing with ease. There is also a cleaning brush tool which can be utilized to completely clean your skirting boards and blinds.

A one-touch system is in place for clearing the vacuum making sure that you do not have any contact with the dirt. Its filters are washable and reusable lowering your maintenance expense in the long run. When you tidy your filters frequently, the suction power of your machine will be sustained for a very long time so that you will get the best cleaning result.

Secret Features:.

Powered by a 550-watt motor for the superb efficiency.
Long power cord guaranteeing that your whole staircase is covered.
Includes an animals turbo brush for deep cleaning of your carpets, curtains and sofas.
Important devices like a crevice tool, dusting brush and hose pipe aid in accomplishing the finest cleansing result.
Easy-to-empty bin for hygienic operations.


9. Shark Cordless Vacuum for Stairways [, if260ukth]

The Shark Anti-Allergen Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner assures amazing cleaning efficiency. Powered by a 300-watt motor, you can get nothing less than the best cleansing result with this maker. It captures 99.9% of irritants and dust no matter how little they might be. You will enjoy its purification system that ensures that no dirt or dust is launched into the air during the cleansing procedure.

It comes with two removable lithium-ion batteries that guarantee 60 minutes of runtime. Likewise, there is a double charging dock so that you will not go through excessive tension charging it. This means you can come down to deal with the confidence that you have enough time to end up. Its double brush roll makes sure that fine, big and little particles is picked no matter where they are concealed.

What’s more, its Flexology wand is foldable for ease of storage and charging. It can be quickly changed into a handheld so that you can clean your ceilings and sofas with ease. There is also a family pet tool which can be utilized to eliminate animal hair from your furniture so that a glowing look can be achieved for your home.

Secret Functions:.

2 removable batteries guaranteeing 60 minutes of runtime.
DuoClean technology for easy cleansing of all floor types.
Flexology wand for ease of storage.
Light-weight style for simple manoeuvring.
Devices of high quality for easy cleansing of all surface areas.

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10. Vax Gator Cordless Handheld Vacuum.


Runtime: 15 minutes.
Weight: 1.24 kg.
Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 38.5 x 14 cm.

Lastly in our list of leading vac for stairs is the Vax Gator Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. It is a hassle-free maker to use for eliminating crumbs and spills from your stairs. It features a light-weight design and that is why you can quickly move it from one action to another.

This fantastic maker has a runtime of 15 minutes allowing you to perform ideal cleansing at all times. With a capacity of 300ml, you no longer have problems with cleaning tasks on your stairs. There is a crevice tool that connects to the nozzle allowing you to reach hard-to-reach locations.

With an easy-to-empty dust bin, you will undoubtedly get worth for cash opting for this device. Its 10.8-volt battery is likewise a plus and that is why high efficiency is ensured at all times. You need to consider the Vax Gator Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner if you desire stairs that will always look glowing without going through too much stress.

Key Functions:.

Lightweight device weighing just 1.24 kilograms.
Surefire 15 minutes of runtime for effective cleansing.
Easy-to-empty bin guaranteeing sanitary cleaning.
Crevice tool ensures that hard-to-reach places are covered.
Dynamic 10.8 V battery for high performance.
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What Makes a Vacuum Suitable for Cleaning Stairs?

A number of factors contribute to the viability of a vacuum to work correctly for your stairs. A few of these aspects are gone over below and you require to take note of them so that you will be able to make the finest purchasing decision.

Weight: You need to know the weight of the stair vac you desire to purchase prior to parting with your cash. A heavy machine will be tough to go up and down the stairs, for this reason, you should endeavour to go for a light-weight device. Light-weight vacs are simple to manoeuvre guaranteeing that you will get the finest result from their usage.

Power: You need to understand that the more power a device has, the more will be its suction. As a result of this, you should select a machine with the most power so that your vacuuming will be more effective. This particularly essential when you will be using a machine with a suction tube, indicating that you will wish to maintain the suction power throughout the operation time.

Power cable length: You should not forget to think about the length of the power cord as it determines the level of your cleaning speed. You require to put the height of your staircase into factor to consider as well as the nearest power socket so that you will have the ability to know the perfect cord length for your situation. This may not be essential if you are going for a vac powered by a rechargeable battery.

Battery running time: If you will be opting for a battery-powered vacuum cleaner, you need to inspect the runtime of the battery so that you will make sure that it can work for your stairs. You must estimate a perfect time it will take you to finish your stair cleansing task and choose a machine with a suitable battery run time. You may require to recharge throughout operations and this will be extremely demanding for you if you go a lesser runtime.

Suction hose pipe length: The suction tube must also be long enough to arrive of your staircase while the vac sits at the staircase’s bottom. You need to inspect this length and make sure that the product you wish to acquire will work for you.

Stair Tools: When you have the right stair tools, you will attain best cleansing in excellent time with a satisfying result. Tools like a hose, crevice tool, mix tools, to name a few will go a long method in assisting you to get the very best in regards to stair cleansing.

Motorised Brushroll: A motorised brush roll will assist you to eliminate the specks of dirt from your stair carpets efficiently. If you have family pets as it will guarantee the efficient removal of pet hair on your stairs, this is especially good for you. You can turn some brush roll on or off if you want to use a suction just.

Accessories: You require to examine the device you want to purchase and be sure that it has some devices for cleaning stairs. You might require to buy them so that you will be able to get the most satisfactory cleaning outcomes if these accessories are not in location.

Portable vacuum: They are maybe the very best for cleaning your stairs since of their mobility. They generally have a smaller sized cleansing head with the capability to eliminate numerous particles, not leaving out family pet hair.

Cylinder vacuum: If you wish to utilize a cylinder vacuum for your stairs, it ought to have a long suction or be light. A long hose pipe will enable you to clean your stairs without moving the vacuum. You will not have any issue moving it from one action to another if it is light.

What Is the Perfect Vacuum Type for Cleansing Stairways?– Upright, Stick, Cylinder and Handheld.
Cleaning up stairs is extremely difficult, for this reason, you require to utilize the ideal kind of vacuum so that you will have the ability to get the most enjoyable result. Let’s see the best vacuum type for your stairs.

Upright vacuum: These can be extremely tough to utilize on the stairs other than they feature a long suction hose pipe that can succeed while the vacuum sits at the base of the staircase. Some light-weight designs are simple to bring which can be brought up and down the stairs.

Stick vacuum: These are little upright cleaners with the capability to make stair cleaning up a breeze. Bulk of them feature a connected cleansing head and can be quickly altered to a portable vacuum.

Which Add-on Should Be Consisted Of in Stair Vacuum?
In order to get the very best outcome when cleaning your stairs, it is extremely crucial to make that some devices accompany the maker you are purchasing. A few of these devices consist of a hand brush, tube, power brush, crevice tool, mix tool, air-driven stair tool, to point out a couple of.

Does a Brush roll tidy much better than Straight suction?

A brush roll guarantees that your carpet is upset and combed so that dirt in them can be quickly removed. This is best for getting rid of threads and animal hair which might not be quickly removed with straight suction.

How To Tidy Carpeted Stairways?

If you have a high-traffic house, carpeted stairs get filthy rapidly particularly. As an outcome of this, you require to understand the ideal approaches of cleaning them so that getting the very best outcome will not be hard. Here are some ideas to assist you.

Utilize a stiff brush to eliminate persistent dirt

You require to get rid of persistent dirt in your carpeted stairs that will not bulge to normal vacuuming. You can utilize a brush to attain this and it is a good idea to utilize a brush that has stiff bristles. You can utilize an accessory on your vacuum cleaner that can get rid of grounded dirt if you can not lay your hands on a stiff brush.

Usage A Dynamic Vacuum To Eliminate Loosened Dirt From The Stairways

As quickly as you have actually loosened up the dirt, you must then begin vacuuming. Although most of vacuum will get the job done properly, it is a good idea to get a maker that works finest for stairs. You can go or utilize a cordless vacuum for a light-weight maker with a long power cable television. You must endeavour to begin with the leading and handle your method down so that do not step on cleaned up carpets.

Use a Hair Shampoo to Each Stair

You ought to then use a carpet hair shampoo to your stairs so regarding attain a glowing surface. You can utilize a scrubbing brush for this application however this can take in much time and be difficult. You can utilize your stair vac for this application because it will have the best accessory for this.

Dry The Stairways

You must utilize your stair vac to eliminate the hair shampoo on your carpet stairs. This must be done appropriately so that develop a space for moulds to establish in your house. Stair vacs are not really pricey to get and if you can not pay for, you can lease it. You can make usage of an absorbent fabric to high this method however the hair shampoo will take in too much of your time if all these alternatives are not for you.

Last Vacuuming

After the very first vacuuming, you leave the carpets for a while to dry, ideally over night. You ought to go ahead with the last vacuuming so as to remove any dirt left by the cleansing treatment when they are dry. The last vacuuming needs to likewise happen from leading to bottom and this definitely leaves you with glowing carpeted stairs.

Safeguarding your Carpeted Stairways And Avoiding Future Damage

, if you actually desire to secure your carpeted stairs and avoid future damage is to embark on routine vacuuming.. It is not a bad concept if you can do this every day. It will not permit dirt to stick to the carpet fibers if you vacuum frequently. You must likewise attempt to hair shampoo the carpets a minimum of as soon as a month so that they will look proficient at perpetuity.


Given that stairs are challenging to tidy, it is necessary for you to get the very best vacuum for stairs so that the most satisfying outcomes will not be jeopardized.

This guide is produced for you with the hope that you will use it to make the very best acquiring choice.

Any of the items noted above can clean your stairs completely and you will definitely accomplish a glowing looking staircase that will amaze your visitors.

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