£180 off a Shark cordless IZ300UKTDB Vacuum Cleaner

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£180 off a Shark cordless IZ300UKTDB Vacuum Cleaner


Jake Tucker

27 Dec 2021
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Level-up your home cleaning gear this christmas

Shark’s cordless vacuums have gotten a deep discount in the Boxing Day sales, meaning you can now get the IZ300UKTDB for a stonking £180 off, bringing it down to £249.99, a great price for most Shark models, but especially one that’s usually selling for £429. 

Honestly, with all of the great deals around you might not think about replacing your vacuum cleaner, but frankly, if you’re going to have to spend hours running a vacuum your house, why not get something that sparks a little joy and makes the whole process a bit easier? This Shark Cordless Vacuum will run for 60 minutes on a single charge, it’s good for picking up pet hair and there’s a flexible wand attachment that’ll make it easier to pick up stuff in hidden corners. Speaking from personal experience, a cordless vacuum cleaner is a huge quality of life upgrade and turns the whole cleaning your carpet thing from a bit of a chore, to being effortless.

The IZ300UKT will work on any floor type, too. So it’ll pick up dirt from hard floors and carpets fine. 

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Andy Shaw, in his 4-star review of the vacuum, said: “The Shark IZ300UKT is a fantastic all-rounder, delivering superb cleaning power at a reasonable price.” and that price is even more reason now that it’s been brought down to £249.99. Better yet, there’s a five-year warranty so you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong, making it an even safer buy. 

So, there you have it. The Shark cordless IZ300UKTDB feels like a no-brainer at this price, and it probably won’t be long before everyone else has snapped it up, so why not get involved and finally put paid to the annoying cable dance as you’re trying not to trip over during a hoover. 

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